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Canadian Guideline for Safe and Effective Use of Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

Appendix A-6: NOUGG Criteria for Recruiting NAP Members

Organizations participating in NOUGG applied criteria to select advisory panel members included the following:

  • Include those who are physician "influencers" within the province/territory
  • Include those whose endorsement and assistance with implementation could help identify barriers and contribute to the Canadian Guideline’s successful implementation to practice
  • Invite individuals who bring their own perspectives but who are fundamentally committed to blending research evidence and expert consensus in creating practice guidance
  • Include a range of expertise and perspective (a single panel member might contribute more than one perspective):
    • Family physicians — predominant group targeted as the end-user for the Canadian Guideline.
    • Focused practice physicians — pain and/or addictions.
    • Other health disciplines who work with physicians when opioids for CNCP are prescribed, e.g., pharmacists and nurses.
    • Opinion Leaders — broadly defined as those within the province/territory who others look to for guidance or as models.
    • Academia — researchers and teachers who bring a focus on the evidence.
    • Other relevant stakeholders who have a distinct role in this area and who are seen as critical to successful implementation of the Canadian Guideline.