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Canadian Guideline for Safe and Effective Use of Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

Appendix A-9: NAP Electronic Response Survey Tool

To capture NAP feedback, CPSA used a web-based electronic-response tool developed using SurveyMonkey®.

Electronic responses (using a Likert scale) were required to three statements for each recommendation :

  1. This recommendation is clear.
  2. It would be feasible for me to follow this recommendation in my usual practice setting.
  3. I support this recommendation.

Likert scale:

  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree
  • N/A (offered an option for NAP members not able to give an opinion)

In addition , NAP members had the option of providing open-ended comments or information they would like to add. Members were requested to comment if they felt a recommendation lacked clarity or was not feasible. If they did not support a recommendation, respondents were requested to provide their rationale and identify what changes would be necessary for them to support

Scoring Consensus

Consensus for a recommendation was predefined as at least 80% of responders indicating they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I support this recommendation”.

Note: NAP members responding to a statement using “N/A,” were removed from the denominator calculating consensus .