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The Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre (MGD NPC) was established in 2010 through a generous gift from Michael G. DeGroote. The centre draws on McMaster’s expertise in evidence-based medicine to identify, collate, review, revise, update and develop clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of chronic pain. Guidelines will then be disseminated, using best practice techniques of knowledge translation.


The mission of the MGD NPC is to improve the management of pain through the dissemination of best practice information.


The vision for the MGD NPC is to be an integral pillar of the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care; a world leader in resolving the problem of chronic pain through basic science, clinical care and education.


  • To become a repository for high quality best practice guidelines in pain management.
  • To disseminate existing best practice guidelines for managing pain.
  • To contribute to the development of new guidelines where knowledge gaps exist.
  • To participate in local, provincial, national and international networks for the translation of best practice knowledge into practice.
  • To partner as appropriate with government funding agencies, regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical companies to guide research and development in pain management.
  • To maintain a dedicated website that enables the knowledge translation of best practices for managing chronic pain.

The Canadian Guideline

As its first major activity, the Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre at McMaster University has accepted responsibility for stewardship of the Canadian Guidelines for Safe and Effective Use of Opioids in the Management of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (the Canadian Guideline). These have been developed over the past several years by the National Opioid Use Guidelines Group (NOUGG), a subcommittee of the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FMRAC). This stewardship will include updating of the guideline as new evidence becomes available and continuing knowledge transfer to practice. The mission of the centre also includes further updating and development of other guidelines for the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP), including a wide range of treatment modalities. McMaster will foster collaboration and partnerships for knowledge transfer and exchange, building on the partnerships and networks established by NOUGG.


Guidelines have been developed by a variety of organizations. They are intended to educate/inform clinicians, researchers and patients, and to assist and guide practice decisions regarding the safe and effective use of various modalities for chronic non-cancer pain management. While considerable effort is made to rate the quality of the guideline, and the evidence supporting its development, they are not intended for use as a standard of practice, nor a substitute for the advice or professional judgement of a healthcare professional. The guidelines are not intended to be the only approach to the management and treatment of chronic non-cancer pain management.

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